My make-up must haves 💄

Every girl tries new make-up, but be real with yourself you will have those certain products in your make-up bag which will stay loyal to you month after month because they just work for you! 

I thought I would share mine with you..some are new products in the market and some came out years and years ago, but still remain the best in my eyes! 

No1: Bad Gal Lash Mascara, Benefit

I first bought this mascara when I was shopping in House of Fraser with my best friend Lulu, years ago! It was one of my first ‘grown up’ make-up purchases and I have forever loved it! The big wand is perfect for my long lashes, it accentuates them even more making them bold and voluptuous, as well as water proof! 

It’s only £17.50 and can be purchased at 

No2: Bobbi Brown, Tinted Eye Brightener

I only purchased this at the beginning of this year after discovering it in Dubai after doing a make-up class with my step mum in Bobbi Brown, Dubai Mall. I absolutely loved it, not only was it a bonding session with my step-mum, I discovered a whole new beauty range. I’ve always been a bit hesitant to use Bobbi Brown products purely because of how much more expensive they are. However after testing some of them I think it’s totally worth splashing the cash! 

At £21, this product has lasted me 3 months so far and only needs one application under the eyes per day. It’s a lightweight concealer which instantly brightens and removes dark circles under my eyes, giving me a refreshed look every day. Perfect for the day after a big night out, saves me every time!

No3: Brow Zings & Gimme Brow, Benefit

Brows have to be on fleek, and these two products help me achieve those Instagram brows that everyone wants!

Brow Zings; this is a brow shaping kit which includes pigmented wax for shaping, natural shaded powder for setting and all the tools you need for clean, smooth, perfect brows; tweezers, hard angle brush and a blending brush. It’s 12 hour wear and comes in 5 different tones. For £24.50, this total taming and brow shaping kit is an essential! 

The Gimme Brow Gel is available in two shades, light/medium and medium/deep. The tapered brush helps to blend and the precision tip is perfect for shaping. This volumizing gel is waterproof and sold for only £18.50.

To apply, first of all I use a wand to brush out my eye brows, then get the hard angled brush, cover in wax and with smooth angled strokes I shape an arch and define my brow. I then take my Gimme Brow Gel and fill in my brows. Finally using the blending brush I apply the setting powder filling in the sparse areas and lock my brows into place.

Both products can be purchased at:


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