TOTOS, Knightsbridge 🍝

Totos, not only served the most authentic Italian cuisine I have ever tried, there was seamless service as soon as I entered and is tucked away in the perfect location in Knightsbridge. 

As soon as I entered I was greeted by a lady who took my coat and suitcase from me, complimented my hair and took me straight to the bar where my friend was sipping on a bespoke Italian inspired cocktail, talking to the bar tender who was very easy on the eyes! The bar over-looked the restaurant area which was lovely to be able to have a drink & a gossip before delving into all the delicious Italian cuisine. 

Following my Granddad’s fashionably late arrival, our waiter took us down to the intimate mezzanine where our candle lit table awaited us, tableclothed of course to please my granddad. I had been salivating watching the other guests eat. My granddad is friends with the head chef, Stefano Stecca, who came out and offered his specials and favourites. I chose Veal Milanese with rocket and tomato salad, with roast potatoes and rosemary. It was cooked to perfection, so succulent and the potatoes absolutely oozed with flavour. 

Toto’s was enriched with sophistication and class. The food and drinks were unforgettable, giving you a taster of what dining in Italy would be like. I would definitely recommend it if Knightsbridge is your scene and your pallet fancies a taster of some authentic Italian dishes.


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