Champagne Afternoon Tea in The Ritz Hotel, London 🍾

For my 21st birthday, myself and my two closest friends booked to have Champagne Afternoon Tea in The Ritz Hotel, London.

I have never seen so much opulence in one building, I was completely mesmerized. A rather dapper gentleman in a tuxedo directed us to The Palm Court where afternoon tea was served. The elegant room was plastered with fanciful designs; high walls of gleaming mirrors, a ceiling seemingly woven together with intricate gilded trellis, a striking stone fountain with gilded statues and at the centre of the room a soaring, vibrant floral display. Breath-taking was an understatement.

As we sat down, we were given a menu to select from 16 different loose leaf teas. I personally am not a tea drinker but was amazed by how many different types of teas there were. I chose a mango and passionfruit tea, which as my friends knew was right up my street. As well as a flute of champagne in a personalised Ritz flute, we all got our very own select tea pot with the most exquisite chinaware as well as a massive 3 tiered food story. The first tier had select finger cut sandwiches with traditional fillings, which we learnt very quickly that the quicker we ate them the more they would fill the plate up. On the second tier there were warm baked scones, some plain and some with raisins which was served with strawberry preserve and rich, delectable Devonshire clotted cream. Finally on the top tier there was the most delicious selection of handmade pastries and tea cakes. It is fair to say I was in food heaven, we were so full we felt like we had eaten an entire meal fit for the queen, and to accompany the whole meal there was a gentleman playing a piano which added to the grandiosity of the room.

Whilst in the Ritz, we took full advantage of our time there, and us girls being girls we decided to do a full on photoshoot within one of the ballroom lobbies. Reflecting the elegant nature of the hotels architecture the Ritz Hotel dress code is smart, designed as a destination for glamourous guests from high society to β€˜see and be seen’. So naturally we dressed up and took full advantage of the graceful settings.

It was a once in a lifetime experience, which us three girls will never forget. For a special occasion I couldn’t think of a better present, nor a more quintessentially British experience in London.


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