ESPA Skincare 💅🏽

After working in the ESPA Spa in The Corinthia Hotel London, I have changed my whole skincare routine. Using the most natural and purest extracts in all their products leaves my skin with instant, lasting results everyday. Below are some of my favourite products purchased in my most recent delivery.

  • Balancing Foam Cleanser

This is a naturally, rich, soap-free, fresh cleansing face wash which gently removes impurities, leaving the skin balanced and clear. The coconut and naturally foaming Yucca deeply cleanses and helps reduce congestion, whilst the organic mandarin helps balance the skin’s natural oils. This product is perfect for oily, combination and congested skin as it helps to maintain the skins natural moisture levels. I use this in the evenings after my skin has been congested with makeup. I use 1-2 pumps of the foam cleanser, apply to my face in circular movements and then wash away with warm water. After, I spritz 2-3 squirts of either my balancing herbal spafresh spritzer or hydrating herbal spafresh spritzer. Finally, apply my 24 hour balancing moisturiser to lock in the natural facial toners which help refine my pores and guard against any further congestion. My face always feels fresh and clear after this routine which is why I think it is perfect to do just before I go to sleep.

  • Over Night Hydration Therapy

Recently with the changes in weather I feel like my skin is becoming dehydrated, so I have started to use ESPA’s new over night hydration therapy. This is honestly a little miracle pot! This product honestly transforms my dull, tired looking skin after a long week at work into fresh, revived, hydrated looking skin over night! The combination of plant and marine extracts with essentials oils provides my skin with the vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs to look smooth, hydrated and energised. Before applying this mask I use the Refining Skin Polish which is a naturally brightening exfoliator which deeply cleanses and renews the skin. After I massage the Over Night Hydration Therapy formula into my skin till the product turns white. If I use this product on the weekend I will keep it on all night, however it does become sticky so I put a towel over my pillow case. If on a week day I will keep this product on for 2 hours and I still get instant results.

  • Skin Radiance Mask

This was my first ever ESPA product and I have bought it ever since. Whenever I feel like my skin is about to break out I instantly use this product to help clear and revitalise my skin. The mulberry, bearberry and liquorice help visibly brighten the skin and encourage an even and flawless skin tone, whilst the pumpkin enzymes dissolve dull cells away from the surface of skin to reveal fresher new skin cells beneath. As soon as I remove the mask I can see an instant boost in my skin.

  • Pink Hair and Scalp Mud Mask

Finally is the mask collection is this intensely nourishing dry hair treatment which is enriched with red clay minerals which helps stimulate circulation to help boost growth and strengthen and promote healthy, glossy, manageable hair. Whilst the vitamin C-rich watercress and apricot kernel oil soothes and nourishes the scalp. This is one of my favourite masks to use in my hair as a conditioning treatment which helps nourish my hair and scalp and stimulates circulation to hair follicles.

  • Bath Oil Collection

After a long day at work the first thing I want to do is submerge myself in a hot bath filled with an ESPA essential bath oil. I first bought this collection as a tester to see which bath oil I liked the best. However I discovered having little bottles of all six essential oils works perfectly. I always know that no matter how I am feeling I will have an essential oil to relax me. For example when I am feeling run down I will put a couple of drops of the resistance bath oil which is an instant boost of well-being. The tea tree, eucalyptus and eucalyptus radiata work powerfully together to stand guard against harmful influences, making me feel like my immune system has been boosted again. The therapeutic bath oils help restore the balance in my body and mind, perfect to benefit any mood that I am in.

ESPA products by far my favourite skin care products, they help balance my mind and soul, leaving my skin rejuvenated and revitalised, but more importantly all the products contain no chemicals they are all made with natural extracts.


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