The tales of a happy hour that lasts longer than an hour 🍸

Dirty Martini’s is one of the best bars for after work drinks. Especially the one in St.Pauls! When we discovered that happy hour is not just 1 hour long but 5 hours long from 3.00pm – 8.00pm, we had to check this out. Happy hour entitles you too half price Martini’s, bottles of wine and beer for £2.95. Ordering a plethora of £4.00 Martini’s for those 5 hours was dangerous…it was definitely FriYAY!!

I’m a fruity kind of cocktail girl, so the Strawberry and Black pepper martini which was a spin off a strawberry daiquiri was right up my street. With the little kick of pepper it was the perfect start to the night; Absolut Vodka, black pepper infused vodka and Briottet Crème de Fraise liqueur, shaken with a homemade strawberry shrub, fresh lemon juice and a pinch of black pepper.

Of course I can’t have a night out without some form of mango or passion fruit in my drink, so the next martini order was the Passion Fruit Martini; Beefeater gin shaken with Passoa, fresh passion fruit and passion fruit juice. The most moreish martini on the menu served with half a passion fruit, and for such a good value we were ordering 4 of these at a time per person!

Coming to the end of the happy hour and already dancing and shouting like crazy we said lets get a bottle of bubbles.. at this point to drunk to realise that Prosecco wasn’t on the happy hour menu, but at only £18.50 (I think) it was totally worth it and left us absolutely rat-arsed!


We booked our own area as we had such a large group and it was so nice, we had our own seating and our own dance floor right next to the DJ. It was a mix of R&B, Old School, and house, so it was popping! The service was quick, atmosphere was electric and lively and the drinks went down like a dream. Although we got told off by the security a number of times, your not allowed to dance on chairs, nor lift each other up, nor worm on the floor, but apart from that we discovered anything really goes on a Friday in St. Pauls! You know when you wake up and none of your photos or videos are PG enough to make the social media cut, you know you have had a good night. Well Dirty Martini was a night like that, one we will never forget and one that we will certainly be re-living again soon!

The only PG photos from the most mortal evening with my work team so far…



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