Brunchin’ Berners Tavern style 🍴

Berners Tavern, situated just off Oxford Street, in The London Edition Hotel, serves a Michelin-starred British menu, that is simple and traditional yet elegant in its presentation. Not to mention it’s truly breathtaking setting! As you enter you are mesmerised by the walls, they were towering, soaring and exuberant, with every inch covered in gilt-framed art, with different-sized paintings and photographs interlocking. As you follow the frills of snowy stucco up to the ceiling your eyes dazzle as they catch the sparkle from the bright chandeliers. It was a room you would almost picture to be fit for Royalty.

As we took our seats in our cappuccino coloured leather seats we were presented with our brunch menu, and I honestly wanted to order the entire menu! But being lady like, and summer time, I went for the healthiest but sugariest item on the menu!

  • Juice: Fresh Orange Juice
  • Sweet: Butter milk pancakes, berry compote and cream
  • Sides: Seasonal fruit salad

If I didn’t have to go to work, I honestly feel like I would have ordered this all over again! One of my ultimate favourite Brunches I have ever had! The pancakes we perfectly warmed, and the berry compote was the best compote I have had and I have had a lot of berry compotes going to France annually, but this had the perfect sweetness! With a seasonal fruit salad on the side this helped us feel light, healthy and fresh again to end our magnificent brunch!

(Trust me the photo does not do the food any justice for how yummy it was) 

For a little sophistication on a Saturday morning, this may possibly turn into a regular spot! 



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