“Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks” Queen Bey slayed again!

To say Beyoncé was a born performer is an understatement. Queen Bey blew the roof off Wembley Stadium. This was my first time to Wembley and although I was not a fan of the stadium, Beyoncé’s voice and performance was incredible. With about 6 different outfit changes and a plethora of set changes she once again created an inspirational story throughout her performance, integrating parts of her own life into the show to convey how we can become better and more powerful women across the world. As well as pulling off the most beautiful tribute to Prince.

Bey started off fierce with her new album Lemonade, keeping her ladies in formation she bought to the audience her grandma’s message of passing down family traditions and merged the well-known maxim “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade”. She followed on the story by showing the audience how she has grown up to be the woman she has become with videos of her at school singing in productions and her very first video’s in Destiny Childs.

Moving through her life, Beyoncé captivated the audience by singing ‘1+1’ acoustically, and connected with the audience by saying this is for all the people out there who have had their hearts broken. But to show that good things are worth waiting for she finished her emotional chapter by singing ‘Dangerously in love’ and had unseen clips of her wedding and videos of Blue Ivy as a baby which completely put the audience in awe.

To get the crowd up on there feet after a tear jurker performance she threw us back with some blasts from the past, collaborating music with JME and Skepta. Beyoncé strutted around the stage in the most gorgeous gold sequin leotard, whilst her girls slayed behind her dancing in formation, getting the crowd to dance with them. 

Finally, the anticipation of her final song everyone had been waiting for; ‘Freedom’. A bluesy song about the African-American struggle that becomes an anthem for personal and political liberation. Beyoncé delivered a message that would be cliché in any other context: “l’ma keep running, cause a winner don’t quit on themselves”. Bey and her dancers re-created running movements in a pool of water on the stage. It was fierce, powerful and extremely addictive creative, something only Beyoncé could pull off. 

For the finale, Beyoncé was on the stage on her own and said to the crowd that this song was one of her favourites & would always sing this no matter what tour she was on. The whole crown had there glow lights on and Beyoncé’s voice filled the entire stadium. Her pure, beautifully acoustic voice, echoed around the stadium, moving every single person. A performance I will never forget, Beyoncé singing effortlessly on her knees to a crown of 90,000 people.

Queen Bey, you are the definition of slay!


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