Dining on a Ā£1.5mil Yacht šŸ¤‘

So it’s not everyday that you get to dine on a Ā£1.5 million yacht, so when the chance came up to dine on my grandad’s friends yacht & sail around Jersey we immediately took it up! 

My best friend and I went to Jersey to stay in my grandad’s penthouse apartment for a week and this by far was one of the best evenings! 

Lady Azure, was beautiful! Terry, the very dapper owner made sure it had its own captain and caterers! With everything branded, from the towels, to the seats, to even personalised jackets for visitors in the evening when it gets a bit chilly. From Egytian cotton to surround sound speakers this yacht was fully decked out! 

We sailed from St.Helier all the way round to Belcroute Bay, my grandad and I sat up with the captain as we reminisced about when I was younger and grandad had his own boat. Once we arrived in Belcroute bay, the caterer served up a storm of a meal!! Salmon quiche, spaghetti, lobster, prawns, chicken salad, an array of breads & a lot of champagne! 

The food was absolutely delicious, restaurant standard, and the presentation was beautiful considering we were on a boat! As the evening drew in we sailed back to St. Helier watching the most gorgeous sunset through all of the masts and sails of the other boats in the harbour. 

It was a beautiful evening, it was like a taster of that luxe life! An evening I will never forget with my grandad, and one I was so glad to share with one of my best friends! 


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