Electric Daisy Carnival πŸ’₯

As day festivals go this has to be one of the best! EDC was mad..when you see a guy doing push ups in green flippers with a unicorn rucksack in the middle of a mosh pit you know you have found a place where you belong! 

EDC UK was based in Milton Keynes this year, in a massive park which they call ‘The Bowl’. As soon as you enter the madness begins. What I love about festivals is all the weird and wacky things you see which wouldn’t be socially acceptable anywhere else! But at a festival anything goes…even in the queue to get in I saw a man brushing his teeth! He clearly didn’t have time before he left so bought his toothbrush with him! 

Above a man dressed as a maid… Something I bet he has been dying to do and took the opportunity to at EDC! 

Braids at the ready, tons of glitter, gems and holographic rain macs we were ready for the moshpitting! I’d love to say I did my hair myself but I didnt, thanks to the Braid Bar in Selfridges, London my hair was half braided with red glitter down my parting. The gems on my face I bought from Topshop & after and hour of fiddling around I had semetrically placed them on my face. For Β£8 I thought they looked pretty cool and lasted a good part of the day! 

Mosh pitting…something that always happens at festivals especially in the audiowhore tents. Something also that Lily (my raving/festival partner in crime) are not afraid to fully throw ourselves into! I mean we once threw ourselves into a JME rave filled with 6ft men, if we survived that then we can survive a muddy mosh pit in an audiowhore tent! 


The main stage always has the best acts on for the finale, and as stage sets go this was pretty incredible for a day festival. In the centre there was a massive electronic owl head that winked and moved in beat with the music, as well as having a waterfall on the left hand side on the stage!!! And I mean a fully flowing waterfall!! I love being in the crowd of the main stage because this is where you meet your festival companions! Lily and I met a group of 6 guys, I couldn’t even tell you where they were from all I could tell you is that they were nutted and hilarious! 

For the finale Axwell /\ Ingrosso and Avicci performed & it was bloody insane. Words can’t even describe the feeling of when the music is so loud & every single person in the crowd around you is jumping around, cutting shapes and screaming! 

The best part about EDC was fully knowing that this day was just a warm up for Creamfields Festival which is 4 days long at the end of August! 😏

Till next time EDC… ✌🏼️


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