Be At One 🍹

One Friday after work, Hollie, Meg and I spontaneously decided to go for a drink, we ended up in Be At One cocktail bar on Bishopsgate. 

I had personally never been to a Be At One before, but we knew it was good instantly because when we arrived it was packed!!! It was a beautiful sunny evening and everyone seemed to have the same idea as us. 

The menu was about 12 pages long it was crazy, I have never seen so many different cocktails before! Some of my favourites that I had were:

‘Bangkok Garden Party’ – Lemongrass liqueur, Sencha tea liqueur, Prosecco and Ting grapefruit soda.

‘Mango & Orange Fizz’ – Absolut Mango vodka, Orange slices, Lemon juice, Sugar syrup, Soda Water. 

And the the traditional ‘Porn Star Martini’ – Absolut Vanilla vodka, Passionfruit purée, Passionfruit syrup, Passionfruit liqueur, Prosecco.

The best part about the evening was that even the bar staff joined in on the fun! Every so often inbetween the music changing tracks some Greek music would come on and all the staff would get up on the bar and shout ‘opa opa!’ and crush ice all over each other! It was hilarious to watch especially when you see it for the first time! Happy hour was till 7pm, and being 2-4-1, it was fair to say we went a bit mental!

But to be honest when you’re older, you aren’t going to remember the sensible nights or the nights you got plenty of sleep, so make every night wild! 


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