Capital A List Members Party πŸŽ‰

Capital A List are renowned for throwing the best parties in London and I can safely say I have never been disappointed! 

Every so often Capital A List throw a members party, and boy oh boy this is a party you do not want to miss! This months was held at Bodo’s Schloss in High Street Kensington. Bodo’s is a Kitsch Alpine-style restaurant/night club with costumed staff, lots of pine and bizarre animals hung on the walls! It was one of the most bizzare night clubs I have ever been too. 

As we arrived we all sat down on these long oak tables and were served countless amounts of complimentary food! From paella to Mac ‘n’ cheese! Every so often the owner would bang this gong and girls dressed up in traditional Austrian dirndls would bring out long ski’s with shots on for everyone! It was a brilliant idea! 
As dinner drew to an end the DJ put on some karaoke and boy oh boy the bad singers came out! It was hilarious to watch, especially people who thought they were good but they really weren’t! After a few songs they cleared away the tables and the room turned into a night club. It was fair to say it was one of the most bizzare night clubs I have been too! But at the same time, I love different, quirky and having a lot of fun & that is exactly what Ina and I had! 


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