City Living πŸŒƒ

One of my favourite things to do is explore the city and take my friends to all these new quirky bars and restaurants that I find. As you all know the Sky Gardens is my favourite bar in the city and I had been dying to take my best friend there.

I had previously been out to a cocktail bar in Shoreditch called Canvas with my work team for Friday drinks. This was a quirky little Caribbean bar just off Old Street. After a quick few rounds I left to meet Lily. Dressed up in low cut, but classy dress with heels we made our way up to the 36th floor of The Walkie Talkie building. I treated Lily to a ‘Red Passion’ cocktail and we sat on high stools by the window with an amazing view of the Shard. It was Sky High Sessions Friday so there were a plethora of different bands playing a combination of Jazz and acoustic music. The atmosphere was electric, there were so many people!

The only downside in the Sky Gardens is that there is never enough seating. However I think this is to encourage people to get up and dance! There were these two girls next to Lily and I, my god they were making us laugh! One girl was obsessed with selfie taking, and I mean obsessed. Fair enough, when you’re in a new place and you get excited, so you take one or two selfies…but swear down this girl was cray cray! She was like Kim K obsessed! She wasn’t even taking them with her friend, it was just herself. She would take a round of selfies, look at them on her phone, clearly not like any of them, and do it all over again, pulling loads of different faces. It was hilarious to watch, but the funniest part was, she glared at her phone and decided non of her selfies where good enough, so she asked her friend to take selfies of her! OMG it was like a full on photoshoot, I mean she may as well have been naked, the way she was popping her hips and angling her head. The poor plant she was trying to pose with, I mean if plants had feelings that plant would have felt violated! I felt pure embarrassment for her friend and everyone around us was looking and laughing!

Talking about selfies though, we did happen to ask our waitress to take one photo of us and I have to say it has become one of my favourite photos of Lily and I looking all dressed up and classy with the Shard behind us… if only we behaved like this all the time eh ;p


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