Cafe de Paris 💃🏽

My new favourite night club in London!

Cafe De Paris; situated in Leicester Square, the theatrical 1920’s nightclub, is filled with opulent decor, VIP guests, burlesque and cabaret dancers!

As you enter you have the most amazing aerial view of the dance floor! With VIP dinner tables situated around the mezzanine floor and a grand bifurcated staircase. The gold bifurcated staircase leads you down to the main, central dance floor which is surrounded by booths with tables and 2 different bar areas. To the right is a VIP platformed area accompanied by more cabaret dancers.

I had heard that this night club was very popular with VIP guests but I did not think that I would see anyone famous, but all of a sudden Lily and I noticed Dapper Laughs cutting shapes besides us! 

To top the night off the DJ was mint, dropping some old school bangers with a mix of current house and R&B, the atmosphere was electric! A definite must for going back! It was one of those places where you can let your hair down and have some fun with cheesy but current music but still get dressed up and look sophisticated with your friends.


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