British festival problems 🎪

Bristish festivals…you have to be prepared that it will almost likely 100% piss it down with rain, I mean if your not knee deep in mud, soaking wet and absolutely hating the British climate are you even in England?

Having gone to quite a few festivals now I have come across a few common problems that seem to recur at every one:

  1.  Carrying your whole entire bedroom on your back and a tent that is way too big for the number of people that are sleeping in it, that by the time you have walked through every single camp site that their possibly is to find your spot to set up camp, you feel like you have carried your whole life on your back.
  2. Porter-loo’s… need I say anymore! My biggest fear, I swear down even when you get their on the first day and you think surely you must be the first person to even use them but they still stink like shite!
  3. Food vans, I mean who charges £5 for some chips, fuck sakes!
  4. Having every campsite on a hill so your tent is always set up at a slant angle, so if the smallest amount of rain falls you know that your tent is going to become a boat and be at the bottom of the hill by the end of the weekend.
  5. Peaking too early so you get that mini hangover mid day and crash around 3pm.
  6. The sun burn you get on one side of your face when then sun appears for half an hour when you’re raving outside.
  7. “Alan” “Steve” …if you didn’t hear this every hour of the day were you even at a festival?
  8. Feeling like you have walked the Great Wall of China just to get from your tent to the arena because the festival site is so bloody big!
  9. Wondering why every single camp chair and blow up mattress ends up in the rubbish pile at the end of the weekend.
  10. Having so much mud, glitter, neon paint, and whatever else on you that you have to have at least 3 baths/showers minimum by the time you get home to feel clean again!

If you can get over all of this then festivals are the sickest weekends you’ll ever have!


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