Kyshadows 👀

When Kylie Jenner bought out her lip kits I was hooked but she has just slayed her eye shadow palette! Perfect timing with such autumnal colours; the bronze palette. 

With all the essential colours it is perfect for a quick fix, natural look, or to create a tanned smokey eye effect for a night out.


To create the above looks I first put ‘citrine’ on the crease of my eye and the bone of my eye socket, then blended ‘tiger eye’ and ‘hematite’ working my way from the crease of my eye onto my eye lid. Then I took ‘goldstone’ and worked that into the rest of my eye lid. With a finer brush I lined the edge of my eye lid with ‘obsidian’ and gently worked it into the crease of my eye. Finally, I took a rounder shaped brush and used ‘quartz’ to lightly blend all the colours together and then took ‘jasper’ and put it just under my brow to highlight and make my eyes appear bigger. 

This palette is a game changer. It is so much easier having this palette all in one. You can create such easy looks for any occasion, plus these are my favourite colours to wear. To match my autumnal look on my lips I am wearing ‘Reign’ from the metallics range of Kylie’s lip kits. 


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