Kardashian wannabe’s 🔥

You know when you and your best friend go out and you just slay your outfits and makeup *insert raised hands emoji* 

People ask us where all our money goes, and how come we are poor on the second day of the month. We just look at each other and laugh because we are wearing all of our money, its caked on our faces and sprawled over our bodies. Lily and I have a pending basket constantly on Sephora. You know that time Kylie Jenner went to Sephora and spent $1,000 in one shopping spree…well yeh that’s basically what Lily and I have been doing, however we have had to spread it over a couple of months…

For both Lily and I our first full time jobs were in retail…so what the heck this is where our fashion love started and hasn’t stopped. Accept as we work harder in our careers and our pay cheques get bigger so does our taste in fashion. But everytime we justify why we have bought an item and one thing you can be sure of is you will never see us out in an outfit once worn before ;p


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