Duck and Waffle 🍹

Duck and Waffle, London’s highest 24 hour restaurant, 40 floors up in the summit of the Heron Tower, known as 110 Bishops Gate, situated in the heart of the City.

My father came over to London for the weekend, I wanted to take him to the Sky Gardens which as you know is my favourite, however it was closed for an event, so back up plan; The Heron Tower!

I personally love the decor inside Duck and Waffle, reds, yellows, golds, very autumnal colours with glitzy extravagant chandeliers and to top it all off the most amazing skyline views of London. There was always something that would catch your eye, whether that be the view, the edgy street art on the walls, the spiral staircase, ceiling to floor chandeliers or the quirky lights on the ceiling that looked like different coloured bottles had been placed over the bulbs to create a multicoloured lighting effect.

Let’s just say it’s not your Friday after work drinks spot…it’s more of the special occasion, tick it off the Bucket list kind of place. However, saying that the cocktails are incredible even if the price is a little steep. So if your looking for a quirky but high end cocktail bar, Duck and Waffle is the place to go!



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