Hush 🍷

Hush, a cosy brassiere with a 30’s themed situated on the back cobbled streets in a little mews in MayFair. Hush is one of London’s favourite dining destinations, so I thought I had to take my best friend to see what was so special about it! 

The chic but informal ground floor Brasserie is a buzzy place to enjoy lunch or dinner, there eclectic menu features classic brasserie dishes with a European flavor, such as Carpaccio of Beef Harrys Bar style, Dressed Dorset Crab with Avocado and Half Lobster with Taglierini.

It’s hard to beat an outdoor table on the London cobbles on a sunny day, the beautiful courtyard comes alive during the summer months as the perfect location to enjoy the a la carte menu with full table service, secluded in a hidden oasis in the heart of town. But not only in the summer months does this oasis thrive, in winter the outdoor furniture is draped with fur blankets, candle lit tables and outdoor heaters. 

Lily and I went for a fancy nancy lunch, with hot chocolate champagne and a good old girlie gossip. Half way through our meal I excused myself to go to the bathroom and I absolutely fell in love…I think the photos can explain why; pink, pretty and trΓ©s girlie!


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